EMS Garage Episode 184: EMS Today Finale

In this finale episode from EMS Today 2014 in Washington, DC, EMS Garage host Chris Montera is joined by MedicCast host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic for their conference wrap-up finale episode. In this episode they each pick a product innovator for the show and also talk about what they hope to see at the next conference from the folks at JEMS and PennWell.

Among the product picks are two British products moving to the US from UK EMS services. First, Jamie has on the Mangar Elk, an airbag based patient lifting device to save EMS provider’s backs from lifting and patient moving injuries. The device is easy to setup and easy to use but a single provider or a pair of providers.

Also coming on the show is a unique pediatric restraint device that can be quickly attached to any cot, covers children of various sizes and also comes from the UK. The folks at Quantum-EMS brought this tool in to share the tool already being used all over England and many other parts of the world.

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