EMS Saves Health Care?: EMS Garage Episode 125

This week we talk about “Where is EMS Headed” by Chris Kaiser and we ask “Can EMS Save Health Care?” We also discuss Tough Questions: Did DeKalb County Waste $3M On New Ambulances?

Chris Montera
Skip Kirkwood, JD
Greg Friese
James Warmuth

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Reacting Emotionally Responding Thoughtfully: EMS Garage Episode 124

This week we talk about the Facebook Case with Dave Konig and Steve Wirth.

Chris Montera
David Konig
Steve Wirth
Dr. Jeff Myers
Kyle David Bates
Russell Stine

Paint by Number My ePCR: EMS Garage Episode 123

This week was bring your own topic but everyone wanted to talk about documentation and CQI, QA and Education. I guess that means it is a normal EMS Garage.

Chris Montera
Dr. Jeff “PhotoDoc” Myers
David “Blackjack Gum” Konig
Meris “Sam” Shuwager
Brad “Frozen” Buck
Kelly “on Duty” Grayson
Tim “Smiley Face” Noonan
Dr. Bill “PhD” Toon

iShock: EMS Garage Episode 122

This week we discuss EMS Today, Cold Weather Gear (Col ‘dLizard and EMS1), cardiac events to your iPhone, People are not willing to use an AED, and a Shocking iPhone?

Chris Montera @geekymedic
Russell Stine @HybridMedic
James Warmuth http://yellowrubberduckie.squarespace.com
Anne Robinson @CaringAnne