EMS Garage Episode 11: Will’s Baby – Airway Control

This week we discuss Will Dunn’s Baby, Field airway control and the gold standard.  This is a 2 part episode with part 2 available for download on Thanksgiving Day. Part 2 we will discuss EMS Identity and the role EMS plays in public service.

Will’s Real Baby

Skip at his Finest!


Chris Montera

Skip Kirkwood

Dr. Dave Ross JEMS EMS1

Will Dunn

Gary Wingrove

EMS Garage Episode 9: Practice v. Evidenced Based EMS

This week we discuss the Denver EMS White Paper, the NEMSMA Leadership Paper, and Practice versus Evidenced based EMS.  Here is the Video Dr. Wesley discusses.

Chris Montera
Dr. Keith Wesley JEMS
Skip Kirkwood
Dr. Dave Ross JEMS EMS1
Will Dunn
Gary Wingrove
Ben Dengerink Pre-hospital Blog

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EMS Garage Episode 8: I’ve Got Fever

This week we talk with participants from the BNC in Omaha. We also talk with colleagues from Australia and Canada about International EMS. NTSB Air Ambulance news, Community Paramedic, and more fun.

Evidence Based Medicine the next new Religion?

EMS Garage Episode 7: Doc You Gotta Problem Here?

This week we have a full panel and feature Joe Hansen from CIT to discuss his experience on the EMS Study Tour held just before EMS Expo. We also talk about the new LP 15, the Person in Colorado brought up on charges for impersonating a paramedic, and UK training people in Second Life

This is your show about Ambulance, EMS, Paramedics and everything in between.

Chris Montera
Dave Ross www.Jems.com www.EMS1.com
Ben Dengerink www.prehospitalblog.com
Roger Coit
Gary Wingrove
Will Dunn

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EMS Garage Episode 6: Expert Roundtable

This week we are at EMS Expo in Las Vegas.  We got the leading industry experts around the table to discuss legislation, EMS research and trends.

Chris Montera www.EMSDailyNews.com
Gary Wingrove Everywhere
Drew Dawson, NHTSA www.ems.gov
Lisa Meyer from Advocates for EMS www.advocatesforems.org
Bill Brown from NREMT
Jim McPartlon from AAA

EMS Garage Episode 5: Air Medical Safety

This week we feature a discussion on Air medical safety, challenges, victories and ideas for the future.

Chris Montera – Host
With Dr. Dave Ross www.jems.com www.ems1.com
Gary Wingrove http://bnc.ncemsi.org
Will Dunn
Stacey Freidman – www.safemedflight.org
S.3229 H.R.3939 S.1300 Section 508
www.aams.org Donate for Air Medical Families here
Kathy Mayer – www.flightforlifecolorado.org
Matt Solomon www.devious.tv

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EMS Garage Episode 4: Identity

More on the Florida Medical Director limiting the scope of paramedics practicing.  Paramedic only level, EMS Education and EMS Identity.
Dr. Dave Ross – Jems and EMS1
Gary Wingrove –
Will Dunn –
Ben Dengerink – Prehospital Blog
Matt Solomon – Devious.tv
Chris Montera

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EMS Garage Episode 3: Rabid Raccoon

Featuring this week: Dr. Dave Ross, Chris Montera, Roger Coit, Will Dunn, Matt Solomon, and Ben Dengerink

That Silly Raccoon made us laugh

Florida Medical Director downgrades practice

Study on Cardiac outcomes and emergent returns
6 Minute Response times??
Ambulance Safety – Myth or reality
Submitted by Will Dunn
Picture of ECAD Ambulance (Bus for Fred).  Thanks Will for the Pic.  This ambulance shows what you can do with color and conspicuity.

Dave Ross – www.jems.com www.ems1.com
Roger Coit – Harry Dent
Will Dunn – www.babiesrus.com
Ben Dengerink – www.prehospitalblog.com
Matt Solomon – www.devious.tv
Chris Montera – www.emsgarage.com www.emsdailynews.com