Dr. Wesley Versus the Bloggers: EMS Garage Episode 65

This week we have a full podcast where Dr. Wesley talks about Bloggers and if they are relevant as a news/information source. It is a long episode and has some fun outtakes at the end, so listen through the credits.

Chris Montera chrismontera.com
Dr. Keith Wesley jems.com,
Mark Glencorse 999medic.com chroniclesofems.com
Buck Feris gomerville.com twitter.com @buckman emseducast.com
Justin Schorr thehappymedic.com
Gary Wingrove bnc.ncemsi.com
Carissa O’Brien carissao.com and baselinevitals.com
Tim Noonan roguemedic.blogspot.com paramedicine101.blogspot.com
Steve Whitehead theemtspot.com @stevewhitehead
Christopher Kaiser lifeunderthelights.com @ckemtp
Thaddeus Setla chroniclesofems.com @setla

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