EMS Garage Episode 188: The EMS Compass

This week on the Garage we talk with Ray, Nick and Scott about the EMS Compass project, and what national performance measures mean to you on the street. Oh and we’re back with our humor and enlightened ideas of how EMS should really be operated.


Host: Chris Montera

Nick Nudell
Raphael Barishansky
Scott Kier

EMS Garage Episode 187: FDIC Featuring Ferno Vision 2020 International Perspective

Recording from the FDIC conference 2015 Host Chris Montera is joined by 2 guests with an international perspective on ambulance design and safety.

Mike McCart, Deputy Chief Pulaski County EMS
Justin Wand, SE Coast Ambulance Service NHS

EMS Garage Episode 186: FDIC Featuring Ferno Vision 2020 Safety

In this episode A.J. Heightman Editor-in-Chief of JEMS talks with Industry leaders about Ferno and Vision 2020 See the videos and more on https://www.youtube.com/user/fernoems.

Joining AJ is a great list of panelists.

Mike McCart, Deputy Chief, Pulaski County EMS
Steve Rowland, Sales Manager
Tim Schroeder, Director of Ambulance Systems

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