BS for Paramedics: EMS Garage Episode 154

This week we talk about a controversial topic in EMS. Bachelors Degrees in EMS and should they be the minimum for Paramedics.

Chris Montera
Dr. Dave Ross
Art Hsieh
Greg Friese
Anne Robinson
Russel Stine

Ghost of Christmas Past: EMS Garage Episode 153

This week we talk about the Facebook posting about the EMSA ambulance crash. An exert of the posting is below:

“Some of you have heard about the unfortunate ambulance accident in Oklahoma City with EMSA Ambulance. Any of of us that have been in this profession for a period of time have probably been in an accident – our fault or not. I have friends who work there and have permission to reflect her thoughts. This also speaks to not believing everything you hear, unbiased reporting, being an EMS advocate, and showing compassion for both sides. Thanks, Carly Prutzman

To those running their mouths regarding the EMSA wreck: shut your mouth(s)! If you are a member of the organization yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but this is not the time or the venue to share it. If you are not a member of the profession then you need to shut the hell up. You have no clue what these men and women do and sacrifice every day to ensure the safety of the community they serve. Regardless of the circumstances, no one wakes up and says, “Gee, I think I’ll hurt someone today.” Regardless of your position in healthcare, we have all had close calls and made mistakes. Some of us were lucky and learned and some of us have been less fortunate. It is hard for all of us to live with the burden of caring for another. We are not God. It is sad that this EMT will live with this the rest of his life. While this situation brings EMS safety practices and procedures under scrutiny and criticism, it’s important to remember that we (whether you are in the field or not) have to be ever vigilant of the dangers that exist when we work and remember that sometimes WE are the most critical link in advocacy and affecting change in our profession.”

Chris Montera
Skip Kirkwood
Sam Bradley
Tim Noonan
Russell Stine
Scott Kier

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