I am Paramedic: EMS Garage Episode 58

This week we discuss the findings from the International Roundtable for Community Paramedics where they recommend that we are all called the following terms:
Emergency Medical Responder
Primary Care Paramedic (PCP)
Intermediate Care Paramedic (ICP)
[Intermediate Care Paramedic 99 for the US only]
Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP)
Critical Care Paramedic (CCP)
and, any of those that has specific training in prevention, primary care visits, patient education and disease management can add Community Paramedic to their title.


We also discuss the Australian College of Ambulance Professionals Conference held in Auckland, NZ.

Live Show from IRCP

The Discovery Special Rob appears in.

Chris Montera
Gary Wingrove
Rob Theriault

Jumping Out of Ambulances: EMS Garage Episode 57

This week we discuss patients jumping out of ambulances, patient security, psych patients, treating people nicely and other fun things. Buckle Lock being used by Thom Dick and Platte Valley EMS.

Chris Montera
Dr. Thom Dunn

Kyle David Bates
Tim Noonan
Ben Hoffman

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When Brains Attack: EMS Garage Episode 56

This week we talk with Dr. Joseph Clark a leading neuroscientist on the cusp of new research in the area of stroke and head injury care. He has a facinating view of the future for EMS and the way we take care of strokes and head injuries. Honest it is not a bad 50’s SciFi Movie!

Chris Montera
Kyle Bates kyledavidbates.com vitalsigns NY State EMS Conference
Dr. Joseph Clark University of Cincinnati Neuroscience
Neuroscience SFN.org
Twitter @clarkjf

Cincinnati Stroke Scale

NBC Trauma Show Premiere Party LIVE: EMS Garage Episode 55

This episode we talk about the new NBC Show “Trauma” right after it airs on the Premiere episode. The reaction is mixed but the intent is there for a good show. We also have Ms. Aimee Garcia from the show joins us for a live on air interview! Great stuff.

Chris Montera
Jamie Davis
Greg Friese

Traumashow Online Premiere Party

Join Leading EMS Podcasters for Commentary and a Post-Premiere Call-in Show on Monday September 28

Join leading EMS Podcasters Jamie Davis, Chris Montera, Greg Friese and others in watching and discussing the premiere of the new NBC show Trauma. Browse to EMSGarage.com/live or  http://mediccastlive.com at 9 p.m. EDT/ 8p.m. CST on Monday September 28, 2009 for live conversation and commentary. Trauma, the dramatic new show about paramedics in San Francisco promises to be an action packed exploration of the profession and the stresses it places on relationships.

During the premiere, using the online platform TalkShoe or Ustream.tv for video Jamie, Chris, Greg and other podcasters and EMS bloggers will be discussing the action, plot, and EMS technique of the show and its cast. Listeners will be able to text chat with one another and the hosts as the premiere unfolds.

After the show Jamie Davis, an RN, paramedic, and host of the MedicCast (http://mediccast.com) – the highest ranked EMS podcast – will take calls from listeners. Jamie Davis is watching the premiere of trauma because “I am looking for a program that will portray the real issues in EMS while inspiring a new generation to join the profession as previous shows like Emergency inspired me to become a paramedic.”

Greg Friese, a paramedic and co-host of the EMSEduCast podcast (http://emseducast.com) reports, “I want Trauma to be authentic and respectful of EMS. Like many EMS professionals I am excited and skeptical about Trauma’s potential. I am excited to watch and discuss Trauma with an international audience.”

Chris Montera, a paramedic chief and host of the EMS Garage podcast (http://emsgarage.com) shares, “EMS professionals would love for Trauma to succeed and draw attention to the work we do, but if it is a miserable failure we have no problem calling it DOA!”

Sponsorship opportunities for the Trauma premiere party are available to companies and vendors that want to reach EMS professionals using social media. Sponsorship includes in-show special mentions and links from the podcast show notes. Contact Jamie Davis, podmedic@mac.com or call 443-309-2090 for details on this unique and limited opportunity.