I Hate People: EMS Garage Episode 67

This week we discuss the top EMS Stories of 2009 in our last episode for 2009. We also discuss the story of EMT duo on break let pregnant mom die . Please always do what is right for people and patients. Will also describes his need to hate people. We also have some bonus footage at the end of the cast so make sure you listen in.

Chris Montera
Ray Barishansky
Gary Wingrove
Steve Whitehead
Tim Noonan
Will Dunn
Jamie Davis
Rob Theriault
Kyle David Bates

Across the Pond: EMS Garage Episode 66

This week we talk with the crew of The Chronicles of EMS. We get an update from the show and talk with Mark and Justin about their perspectives on the different systems.

First, Chris and Ted apologize to a large national EMS organization for some misinformation. WE ARE REALLY SORRY AMR!

Chris Montera
Thaddeus Setla
Mark Glencorse
Justin Schorr

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Dr. Wesley Versus the Bloggers: EMS Garage Episode 65

This week we have a full podcast where Dr. Wesley talks about Bloggers and if they are relevant as a news/information source. It is a long episode and has some fun outtakes at the end, so listen through the credits.

Chris Montera chrismontera.com
Dr. Keith Wesley jems.com,
Mark Glencorse 999medic.com chroniclesofems.com
Buck Feris gomerville.com twitter.com @buckman emseducast.com
Justin Schorr thehappymedic.com
Gary Wingrove bnc.ncemsi.com
Carissa O’Brien carissao.com and baselinevitals.com
Tim Noonan roguemedic.blogspot.com paramedicine101.blogspot.com
Steve Whitehead theemtspot.com @stevewhitehead
Christopher Kaiser lifeunderthelights.com @ckemtp
Thaddeus Setla chroniclesofems.com @setla

Hello Nurse: EMS Garage Episode 64

This week we talk with Chris Hendricks about the PEAT Scale and how it can be used to effectively help people in your community and get people into the right place for care they need.

PEAT Scale

Chris Montera
Rob Theriault I
Kyle David Bates
Gary Wingrove BNC
Chris Hendricks

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Altered Mental Status: EMS Garage Episode 63

This week we have Dr. Ross back on to discuss his article from JEMS.com about How to Diagnose Patients with Altered Mental Status. We then Discuss the H1N1 that is resistant to Tamiflu. Get your Flu SHOT people!. We also discuss the PA EMS Chief that dies at the Scene of a call.

Finally, we give thanks and say why we are thankful this Holiday Season.

Chris Montera
Dr. Dave Ross
Kyle David Bates
Tim Noonan
Thaddeus Setla

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Spot the Crazy Guy: EMS Garage Episode 62

PALS is it dead? Too many merit badges? Listen and decide. AMLS, PALS, PEPP, ACLS, IMLS, ITLS, ATLS….Do we need the stinking badges?

Should EMS providers be required to wear masks as part of the job in the “hot zone”?

Tim’s post on Sirens

Chris Montera – Geekymedic
Greg Friese – Nice Guy EPS411.com
Steve Whitehead – theEMTSpot.com
Tim Noonan – The Rogue Medic
Jamie Davis – The Podmedic MedicCast

Dr Wesley Throws Down: EMS Garage Episode 61


This week we discuss Late David Taylor and his contributions to the industry in Arkansas and his untimely death. He was a great man from those that knew him and a real inspiration to a State.  Thank you Kyle for the great Graphic!

Also Dr. Wesley throws down against bad science bad research and all things that really annoy him this week on the EMS Garage.

Chris Montera
Keith Wesley
Jamie Davis
Kyle Bates
Steve Blessing, President NASEMSO

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Socialize EMS: EMS Garage Episode 60

This week we reveal who the Happy Medic really is and we discuss an up coming international collaboration with the Happy Medic and Medic 999 Mark Glencorse. Then we discuss how social media is changing EMS and the future of EMS Conferences.

Chris Montera

Gary Wingrove

Thaddeus Setla
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