EMS Garage Episode 3: Rabid Raccoon

Featuring this week: Dr. Dave Ross, Chris Montera, Roger Coit, Will Dunn, Matt Solomon, and Ben Dengerink

That Silly Raccoon made us laugh

Florida Medical Director downgrades practice

Study on Cardiac outcomes and emergent returns
6 Minute Response times??
Ambulance Safety – Myth or reality
Submitted by Will Dunn
Picture of ECAD Ambulance (Bus for Fred).  Thanks Will for the Pic.  This ambulance shows what you can do with color and conspicuity.

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Episode 2: Motivation in EMS

Guests: Dr. Dave Ross, Thom Dick, and Ben Dengerink
Host: Chris Montera

News brought to you by www.emsdailynews.com
News: Paramedic Shoots man then treats him
Sussex Paramedics Take 3rd in International Competition
SF Fire loses
Another EMS Rural Service Closes
Topic: Motivate people.  How do you do it?

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Ben Dengerink www.prehospitalblog.com

EMS Garage Episode 1: Trauma, Racht, and Fire

Episode 1: Trauma, Racht, and Fire
EMS Garage Episode 1
Featuring Will Dunn, Roger Coit and Chris Montera
Dr. Ed Racht leaves Austin
Vidacare.com Is that why he left
Porsche Delivers Cayenne
Fire Based EMS??? Good? Bad? The Debate Rages

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