EMS Garage Episode 205: EMS World Expo 2019 Stories Andy Gienapp

This week we talk with Andy Gienapp EMS Director for the State of Wyoming on rural EMS issues and how his state is helping to combat issues with response in rural areas.

EMS Garage Episode 202: Moulage Concepts w/ Bobbie Merica

This week we interview Bobbie Merica on how to create realistic Moulage for training. This is her passion and it shows in how she has developed Hollywood realistic effects for training. www.moulageconcepts.com

EMS Garage Episode 200: EMS World Expo Hilary Gates

This week we talk with Hilary Gates from EMS World about the success of the magazine and EMS World Expo 2018. Thank you Hilary for all of our partnership and great success. Episode 200 is for you!

EMS Garage Episode 196: EMS World Expo 2018 Dr. Salim Rezaie

Dr. Rezaie discusses Cardiac Arrest Survival and ways to increase ROSC at EMS World Expo 2018.